10 Yoga Movement stomach shrinks Powerful guaranteed

Having a slim stomach is the dream of all. But the thin, flat stomach is not just a dream if you want to try yoga mewujudkannya.Gerakan something that will help you to get the perfect body shape. Do you want to know? Direct explained below.

1. Tadasana, yoga is more suitable for beginners
Tadasana is more basic and easy to do yoga, even for beginners first. The function of this movement is the abdominal muscles, improving blood circulation in the body and helps to link the natural body muscle performance. To perform this exercise Tadasana, Toppers follow these two steps:
– Stand straight legs and jinjitkan, lift it with a sigh.
– Perform this step was repeated 10 times per second.

2. Pavanamuktasana, the most relaxing yoga movement was lying in bed
Yoga movement more relaxed manner and includes easy to reduce the size of your stomach is Pavanamuktasana. This exercise can be done in bed when you wake up or before bedtime. Pavanamuktasana yoga movement is very easy to do LOH, Toppers. You just do the following steps:
– Lying on the mattress or yoga mat supine perfect.
– Raise your head and pull the right foot with a sigh and kissed the knee during exhalation.
– Replace the left foot.
– To do this, pull the two legs to hold your nose and hold for 30 seconds. Draw breath as a second        step.
– Repeat everything you can a few times.

3. Bhujangasana yoga has three advantages at once
In addition to favorable fat that accumulates in the abdomen to remove, it is also suitable flexibility waist yoga and tablet tulakang back, first. Even with Bhujangasana routine prevents back pain is such a thing, to heal the pain returns.
How to do it:
– Take a position for sleeping on your stomach with your legs straight and hands just below the shoulder line.
– Inhale and slowly lift the weight back with both hands. Hold for 1 minute.
– Return to the starting position while slowly exhaling. Repeat 5-10 times.

4. dhanurasana the position of the “boat” strong burn fat in the abdomen
Yoga dhanurasana fact tend to be hard to do, but they are still required to prove, as it has many benefits for the body. Not just a powerful burn fat that accumulates in the abdomen, it is also very good yoga to improve posture and strengthen the muscles of the back.
Although a little difficult, but if done regularly, over time you will also be familiar with yoga moves indeed. We will try Yoga Dhanurasana following steps:
– Lying on the yoga mat, bend your knees and keep your feet pergelang hands.
– Raise your body up until your body forms an arc-like boat and just stomach base body.
– Move the head and eyes, hold the position for 30 seconds to 1 minute.

5. Padahastasana thin yoga is both wise
If a thin stomach’ve definitely. But it has other benefits yoga first loh, you can make your smart. Why? Because of the motion Padahastasana can also facilitate the flow of oxygen to the brain, so that brain cells can work more active.
? How yoga exercises are also very right, follow these steps:
– Take an upright position and lift your hands up in a sigh.
– Pull both hands under your legs and exhale.
– Maintenance of 1 minute, repeated several times.

6. Naukasana, which helps you get a belly shape to the desire of all women worldwide
Want to make your dream of having the dream of all women belly facts? Naukasana doing exercises yoga exercises as follows:
– Get a reclining position with feet together perfectly and both hands against the yoga mat and right on both sides.
– Put your hands, legs, shoulders and head slowly while breathing in a relaxed atmosphere (as much as possible the body is shaped like the letter V).
– All parts of the body rests on the abdominal muscles. Hold this position as long as you can.
– Return to starting position and repeat 5-10 times a year.

7. uttanpadasana can also make you a “standing model”
Other movements of yoga that can help reduce the stomach size is uttanpadasana. Eits but the benefits not only aja loh Toppers, yoga poses can strengthen the muscles of the legs and make your feet more beautiful and levels. How? Yuk as follows:
– Lie face up on the yoga mat, legs and arms straight and narrow.
– Raise both legs slowly build vertical or 90 degrees in a posture.
– Let your legs slowly. Repeat this exercise at least five times per workout.

8. Vrksasana, yoga trends
Vrksasana is one of the movements of yoga, which is at the moment. Yoga postures are often Willow is favorable for strengthening and form two sides of the abdomen. How to perform this exercise is also very easy, simply by the following:
– Allow to handle both the feet and the hands on both sides of the body.
– Place your left foot on the right thigh of the left leg at an angle of 45 degrees.
– Pull both hands in front of the chest to the palm of the right and left hand of the paste, which takes breath 2 times.
– In the third breath, stretch your arms up with open hands.
– Return to starting position and make crooked the return of the right leg.
– In the third breath, stretch your hands up and open hand position.
– Inhale and stretch your body back.
– Do it again with the other leg.

9. Have the shape of the abdomen, back and shoulders were perfect with Chaturanga Dandasana
In addition to reducing the size of the stomach, this yoga can by this measure, shoulders, arms and back LOH. Want to try yoga Chaturanga Dandasana? Yuk as follows:
– Start in a pushup position with your feet on your feet, hands on his shoulders and body posture line from head to toe.
– Exhale as you lower your chest toward the floor (but not touching the ground), the palm near the muscles of the body and the knot in my stomach.
– Keep up to 1 minute.

10. Marjarasana, yoga postures for all
Last suitable yoga exercises to reduce stomach size is Marjarasana. Not only reduce the size of the stomach, this movement can also help you control your emotions tablets. Marjarasana often called yoga for all ages, as it is suitable for everyone from beginners to pregnant women though.
How to do that is not too difficult, proceed as follows:
– Put the body like a crawl wrist parallel to your shoulders and knees under hips.
– Put your hands and knees as wide as the clothing with hip wide shoulders.
– Take a deep breath and pull the stomach while tightening the buttocks.
– Exhale as you pull the chin to the chest.
– Arch your back and butt down. Repeat the movement several times.

Well, that is to reduce the 10 powerful yoga moves belly. He was willing to give it a try? It turned out to be the perfect shape of the abdomen is not difficult and costly. Only take yoga mats and obviously intended, as well as regular exercise, a flat stomach is no longer just a dream. Congratulations yoga,

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