5 Ways to Throw Out the Carbohydrate Addiction

Including 760 million people in Indonesia from diabetes, based on data from the Ministry of Health. One of the factors is pandemic will be for diabetes both pure and processing carbohydrate.Diet of refined carbohydrates can be improved sugar, salt, the level of flour. Number of training courses of other health problems. In addition, most people feel the need to consume carbohydrates every day Indonesia, the United States.

If excessive consumption of carbohydrates, a doctor Bariatic, to reduce the risk of a disease to Dr. Jade Carl, the master, provides some of the ways to reduce that you can apply.

1. Body scan (self-reflection)
As this really is that there is nothing necessary in the body, it is done to ask you. Eyes only? Nose? Or do you need the mouth to go to “Who eat? And:”? “Carl is when the better is actually with the idea,” stomach is needed really useful to understand what part of the food you want the body, it is necessary that people eat, he thought. Said. And.

2. Consumption of food portions and a balanced diet
A method by which plate food presented separator in another section. Please use the half plate of vegetables and fruits, which contain a lot of different colors and vitamins.

Then, in the neighborhood of the scale, it has protein, fish, different kinds of contents of the chicken and beans. Please do not try to fill with red meat and processed meat.

In another quarter of the bottle, the USA, is filled with complex carbohydrates that are full of whole grain products of wheat or paste,.

Because it contains sugar, for those who have a problem of blood glucose, you should not choose the bread and white rice. Water is sufficient.

3. Takes the low glycemic index to order food, check the blood glucose level
The food is fast with a glycemic index (GI), it is the glucose in the increase in blood than the average or low GI. A portion of the food with a high GI (70 or more), among others, potatoes, pumpkin, melon, pineapple, bread, crackers, nasi.Sedangkan media GI food cereals (56-69) is, whole grain, Fladenbrot and Basmati It is In the US and, food with a low glycemic index (55 or less), gum, sweet potatoes, peas, corn, 100 percent whole grain and no oatmeal fruit, vegetables.

4. Exchange and low-calorie food
If you really want a meal like food, you need to replace some of the calories and it. For example, replacing the glass and the chocolate bars of milk chocolate.

5. Sugar, salt, look at the intake of calories
You need to pay more attention to the level of sugar and salt in the package. Read nutrition label, we can help you with the raw material of choice.

Permenkes guidelines 30 2013, the recommended consumption of sugar should not exceed 6 cups or 50 grams per day. It is best to take 5 grams of salt or 1 teaspoon a day

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