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Stay in scenic area does not necessarily guarantee the mental health of its citizens. Obviously, almost 50 percent of New Zealanders with mental health problems.For this it is the kiwi Mental Health Foundation recommends residents often close to nature. The goal, of course, to maintain physical and mental health.

This advice was given on the eve of World Mental Health Day, October 10, 2016. As the declaration Mental Health Awareness Week (MHAW) October 10 to 16 special kiwi.The neighbors have also stepped up to set the agenda in order to have quality time with nature. 12 an hour, they were out of the room to get closer to nature.

When the program is done routinely every day, according to property page New Zealand, all citizens feel closer to the benefits of nature for our happiness and health.Shaun Robinson, who served as chief executive of the Mental Health Foundation, said, MHAW block will be held regularly, no matter the weather was sunny or rainy.

“During the day, turn off the computer, put all the equipment, closed shops, and began to explore the world around them,” said Shaun, quoted by the New Zealand area.”There is no need to bring hiking boots or skis, just walk by himself and explore the blue sky and the green of the lush vegetation in the office and at home, every day.”

Fortunately, New Zealand was awarded the beautiful natural landscape. Shaun so sure: “This is a way to feel happy, of course, and so it is easier than you think.”If this does not put into practice, it was feared that the number of people with heart disease that triggered the depression swell and caused serious health problems in the world in 2020.

“More and more citizens are forced kiwi,” said Shaun. “The project was driven by a healthy lifestyle, lack of sleep, overwork, and an increase in expenditure.”simple things like a walk to get closer to nature, Shaun believe you can make major changes in mental health and happiness of the citizens of New Zealand.

The investigation revealed that take the time to get close to nature is good for physical and mental health. Obviously, these activities make life happier people.In addition, the closeness with nature also makes people without depression more or fatigue, can concentrate. Life becomes more important, it also reduces the cost of treatment.

“Take the time to get closer to nature will make employees happier and more productive,” said Shaun. Shaun Nature is not to be out of town.In fact, the nature of the surroundings, like the wild flowers that grow on the sidewalk, exhaustive of ‘corona’ trees for the office and blue sky visible from the working window. “

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