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surgical procedures or childbirth Cesare in the modern era is mainly done by women who give birth, because it will not feel pain during childbirth occur. However, the researchers found that the delivery process is to bring long-term effect.

Research by Harvard University School of Public Health TH Chan found that children born through Caesar process, has the chance of becoming obese was 15 percent greater in childhood than children born vaginally.In addition, research published in the September issue of JAMA Pediatrics also found that individuals born in Caesar, 64 percent more fat than their brothers were born normally.

“Procedure for cesarean section, no doubt, is a procedure that saves lives, in many cases,” says Jorge Chavarro, a professor of nutrition and lead author of the study, as reported by the official website of TH Chan Public Health Harvard University School.”But cesarean section is also known to have risks for mothers and babies. Our results suggest that the risk of obesity in children should be a factor,” he continued.

The authors examined the analysis of data for 16 years, including 22 thousand children growing activities today (GUTS) Study. The study asked respondents to answer a questionnaire every year or two years, 1996-2002.

Scientists pay attention to body mass index (BMI) of respondents over time and its relationship with the birth of respondents. birth process data obtained from the Nurses Health Study II. In addition, the mother of lifestyle factors such as obesity, smoking, age of birth and place of residence, is also the additional data.

Another addition, the story of Caesar’s mother’s birth is also of concern to scientists. In this observation, the researchers found vaginally individuals in women who have previously given birth to Caesar, 31 percent less likely to be obese than those born in mothers of cesarean birth with a history of Caesar.

“I believe that the present invention, particularly showing the dramatic difference in the risk of obesity among the birth of Caesar and his brother were born normally, showing strong evidence of real connections and birth and childhood Caesar obesity,” he said Chavarro.

“This is because, in the case of siblings, many of the factors which may play a role in obesity, including genes that are substantially the same between siblings, except the mode of delivery.”

In fact, the birth rate continues to rise with Caesar. Data Search Basic Health (Riskesdas) issued by the Ministry of Health in 2013, the percentage of births by Caesarean section in Indonesia amounted to 9.8 percent.DKI Jakarta province with the highest number of cesarean section, or 19.9 percent. Followed by Riau Islands, Bali and Yogyakarta. Riskesdas also showed 25 percent of cesarean births by mothers with higher levels of education.

Previously, there were a number of studies that suggest that there is a real link between the birth of Cesare obesity. However, these studies are not getting enough attention because of the small number of respondents, or do not have detailed data.

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