Danger, it hides the lack of mineral water body

The human body must be at least 5% of the mineral content. Different types of minerals and the source. One of the causes of mineral water.However, the large cities in Indonesia, such as Jakarta, most people who have lived, the water consumption of each day was called, but a little “less often and as clear as water.

According to Dr., Uluru Island Albab, SPOG, Indonesia Medical Association (IDI), a representative of small people to live more than water in rural areas than in urban areas.

However, it is definitely easier to get access to clean water in urban areas. Packing white water, for example, you can find the shops in the supermarket, worldwide.And what about people who do not have easy access to water? The problem is, Uluru Island, is not just the water in the pack that mountain of water is well explained in the same way CNNIndonesia.com is.

“It’s great, the same is true for those who come from the same source,” said Uluru Island. If the “source is different, sure. In addition, in various implied waters along Bogor, is Jakarta the water?”He stressed that each area had a mineral berbeda composition and feather. If the comparison between the white water in a container from the mountain is difficult.

“Bottled water is also, but the water from the mountain,” said Uluru Island. “[Mineral water] is the most wax-intensive mineral eye, would not necessarily do better.” “We are talking about the mineral composition, we, the process of whether they are stored, see how.”

The most important of drinking water after the island of Uluru, ie, clean, odorless, tasteless, colorless, suitable to clean the water, contains no heavy metals, does not contain bacteria, it has a pH between 6.5 and 8 and it Was. This is true not only of a source of water in the mountains and countryside, not just ready to drink the tap water.

“Mateng is probably not in both Mateng, which can not be, but still heavy metals are contained, can not be,” RSU mother Margonda, practicing doctors I spoke to in Depok . “What is important is the goal, and clean water.”As long as you clean access easily available water, delays not to mention the needs of the mineral in the body, it seems that there is no reason to reduce the proportion of drinking water.Ore bodies as necessary as five percent. “Mineral can not be produced in the body.It is another quest, and these minerals, food, fruit, and a variety of functions obtained through the drink.

The number is one bit required, but the role of the mineral is very important. Is the same as our body.We, carbohydrates, proteins, requires. It is the same as our body.Ultra, carbohydrates, proteins, requires A fat, we also need a mineral. “Many, all they do is variety of minerals changes necessary mineral. Also, because a damage to the kidney, for example people with renal failure, should not be given too much calcium and sodium.

As for pregnant women, it is to prevent at the time of birth bleeding, you need to consume a lot of calcium.Uluru Island also, depending on the type of mineral that is required, describes the properties of the mineral person inadequately. For example, a magnesium deficiency in a tired body can easily tired.Excess minerals can be harmful to the body, for example, there is the possibility that the excess of calcium stones can lead to kidney, and the excess of sodium can cause hypertension.

Of course we have different mineral needs of the individual person. From “distant sea, people is living in mountain regions, of course, the need for less salt consumption than sodium increases,” said Uluru Island.Another example is the women during pregnancy. Iron deficiency in pregnant women due to normal hemoglobin was reduced. The iron and folic acid, is good for oxygen in the blood of the body to bind.

We like to be selective a food or drink in the selection is important. We, the mineral content of approximately, you need to know what you need in the body.This fiber can be sufficiently liquid, and is helped by the rich fruit consumption. In addition, we support a regular exercise in the prevention of the disease even in the body every day.

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