Do not Wear Any Cosmetics When Exercising

Many large cosmetic companies are now aggressively promoting cosmetic products for the sport. To users of cosmetic products of this type, lure-imingnya is lipstick, mascara or face contour will not fade after a full sports sweat. In the era where berswapotret is a necessity in life style, many women were tempted by cosmetic use of this durable. In fact, according to Cheryl Wischover, all cosmetic durable, or sometimes referred to as makeup athleisure this is nonsense. Dermatologists Angela Lamb explained to Huffington Post cosmetic reasons should not be used during exercise. “The good thing is cleaning your face before berolahga. Face clean to avoid clogged pores and other bumps candidates that may arise when using cosmetics. ” While Dr. Heidi Waldorf, who served as director of cosmetic dermatology and laser unit at Mount Sinai Hospital explains what happens when you exercise without having to wash up first. “Common problem that often arises is acne. Even cosmetic type of non blackheads will change when mixed with sweat. With much you sweat during exercise, cosmetics faded and covered the sebaceous follicles or pores. If then there is irritation, pimples appeared, “he explained.

Not only the sweat that clog the pores. At the moment we use the gym mats used hundreds of people, sometimes face contact with the dirty mattress. “Cosmetics have a tendency to store bacteria, especially after exposure in the face and sticking in the finger. The latter becomes the channel for the bacteria to spread to other places, “added Heidi. Besides clogging pores, also written by Angela Lamb, cosmetics can trickle through the sweat and cause eye irritation. “I feel the demands women have to look perfect all the time is not important. Whatever is written in a woman’s beauty regimen for me is a setback. What is important, the focus on health. ” Lamb believes cosmetic durable it is just part of the propaganda cosmetics company to reap the benefits and take advantage of the desire of people to be perfect and always feel cared for. “If they still want to use cosmetics at gym, sure cosmetics are lightweight and oil-free,” said the woman who also serves as director of dermatology at the Institute of Family Health. While Waldorf suggested the use of cosmetics that are water resistant. “Choose cosmetics that does not fade so no matter when you sweat.”

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