Drinking fast food restaurant prone cause obesity in children

Fast food, in many cases is a favorite of children. Taste was certainly delicious consideration. Often please enjoy the food with a sweet cold drink.According to recent research, such as soda, sweet tea, drinks, such as milk, contains 179 calories or more than the food is served.

“Sugar and drinks, some very influential to health problems such as diabetes,” says Brian Elbel School, New York University, says. In any case, all the children that the fast food business visits a man drink to buy it depends on it.Reuters Introduction to 2013 and 2014, the researchers nearly 500-receipt, New York, were analyzed by fast food restaurants gathered in various areas such as Newark and Jersey City.

After receiving up to 60 percent of children who have bought drink, it is a combination of food that comes with the sweet drink.In fact, 12 years old or older, purchases when the children and what the children, the extra calories and sugars in the drink.This study also shows that parents and carers have the following training to buy high school fast food for dinner.

They are also likely to dine in the restaurant, and every time, they will buy the children a sweet drink.”We have some of the family, in many cases know that at fast food restaurants to eat, the place has a lot of food that has contained the calories,” said Elbel.

About 17 percent of under-19-year-old children in the United States, was classified as obese by disease control and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.To this end healthy eating for the Americans, it is recommended that you start the children, the intake of 10% is limit, or about 120 to 180 calories of sugar of the total calories.

“We are no longer a child does not need to drink whether it is necessary to either reduce the sugar the question is to drink.” It must be, “Marlene Schwartz, Rudd Center Director of Nutritional Policy and Obesity from the University of Connecticut I said , I was.Schwartz is the additional “the question is to find the best way to do some that now way [reduce the consumption of sugary beverages].”

The elderly, if you want the sweet beverage to be replaced with milk or water, according to him, on the basis of the investigation, there will be so much 200 calories reduced.Unfortunately, in this study, a child’s drinks are not expected to be refilled. She was anxious not to be the number of drinks consumed by children.

In addition, this study also investigated the only customer in a restaurant, you forgot to buy an autofenster. “This study has focused on studies on the difficulties that will make the city of New York generalize to other areas,” said Elbel.Stockton, there are other recent researches to describe the rules in California. In June, the region, the combination of sweet drinks and food to separate, and provides water or milk instead.

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