Eating too much can Sperm ‘Kill’ sausage?

Eat a variety of processed meat is very tasty. Call sausages and bacon. Favors anyway, but unfortunately, according to the study, these foods can harm male fertility.

Research by Harvard T. H. Chan School of Public Health in Boston found that the man she loves eating processed meat, reduce the quality of sperm. Referring to the daily meal, the men who ate meat ability of sperm to survive and fertilize in a low level. Sperm have failed in the test of in vitro fertility testing.Researchers have not yet a reason such as this can affect processed meat can be found on the fertility. However, the researchers found that can increase eating lots of chicken fertility.

There are a number of important research results, including:

1. Persons (testing in vitro fertility) meat consumption have avoided processed proven more fruitful jaug 28 percent. This compared with those who eat meat regularly.

2. People who eat poultry has the rate of 13 percent higher than that of non-fertilization many birds.

3. The successful design of in vitro assay is not affected by the total quantity of meat for human consumption.

4. Eat lots of meat products do not affect the level of success in fertilization technique ICSI (where sperm is injected into the egg).

Until now, scientists are still trying to understand why meat and the process of fertilization can not walk side by side. But it is clear that by reducing the amount of processed meat meal can help you create a healthy diet.

“Many studies have lowered the diet can affect human fertility. But our food is so complex that it is difficult to determine how food can berpengaruhi with reproduction,” says Rebecca Sokol, president of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine.”But this study shows how different types of meat consumed by humans the ability of sperm to fertilize the egg can influence.”

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