Exercise If emotions can trigger myocardial infarction

There are times when some people are venting frustration or emotional movement.However, a study shows: Instead of happiness over the course of the year with overwhelming emotions. Actually, it is closer to death.

Initiate independent research published in Circulation: Journal of the American Heart Association showed a relationship between risk and angry feelings or physical activity doubled with the first symptoms of a heart attack within an hour.The risk ratio is three times as high as for people who are angry and also perform intensive physical activity.

Experts say this study provides evidence for the relationship between mind represents for the body is very important.”Emotions and movement increase blood pressure and heart rate, change blood flow in the vessels and lower the blood supply of the heart,” said Andrew Smyth, director of the Institute’s Research Study of Health McMaster University, Canada.

“It is very important, especially in the blood vessels that have been attached to the plate, because it can block blood flow to a heart attack,” he said.He and his team analyzed data from 12,461 patients from 52 countries with an average age of 58 years. They were questioned about the activities before the heart attack.

The results showed that 1,650 people participate in physical activity, while nearly 1752 people are due to emotional or angry. In this study, the team also takes into account other factors such as age, smoking, overweight, hypertension and other health problems.Smyth perform physical activity has many benefits, including the prevention of heart attacks. This activity needs to be done, but he and a team of medical specialists recommend for those who are affected by the “emotion”.

Doctors recommend that those who want to be emotional or angry and want to exercise are not going beyond the usual dose of extreme or even normal.”Redundant angry at the wrong circumstances can lead to a fatal heart attack.” Everyone needs to implement mental health and prevent loss of control over an extreme measure, “said Barry Jacobs, director of Psychology’s personality program residence Crozer-Keystone Family Medicine in Pennsylania.He said, “The people with heart attack risk is worth doing anything to avoid a situation of extreme emotions.”

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