Five things infertility treatment of men and women destructor

Infertility problems, especially long and it is very scary to meet couples who want children. The ruling, genetics to the environment that have an adverse effect on fertility, in many cases, was barren, which is caused by age.Eating to maintain a healthy lifestyle with exercise, nutritious diet is an important factor affecting the reproductive capacity.

However, the United Kingdom, Geetha Venkat of after infertility treatment in Harley Street fertility clinic experts, there are always people who are few for the state of infertility is every day one of the factors .Report an independent organization, some of the factors that can interfere with daily life in order to plan for a couple with children is the following.

  1. A vitamin deficiency D

Such oily fish, lean meats, beef liver, the vitamin D in foods such as egg yolk and fortified foods, that is, important for those who want to be consumed by healthy fertility is menu.

Several studies, vitamin D deficiency, it was found that it is possible to cause abortion in women with male and problems of ovulation and sperm function. Venkat rate, the inclusion of a multi-vitamin is not strong enough to increase fertility. However, it is possible to improve the intake of vitamin D.

2. Working in the kitchen

Venkat of the function of the scrotum is like a testicle for the air conditioning system is not explained. It is, you can keep the temperature of the reproductive organs and sperm of men. That is, in order to cook their days working near a hot stove enough to have passed the time of exposure to the hot environment testicles vulnerable organ temperature.

3. Using Laptop

Even when exposed to the organs of the scrotum and testicles, the kitchen, the temperature of the heat emitted by the laptop is, affect reproductive capacity.

However, he is not using a technique gave great impact caused by the heat engine, and argued. Still keeps the phone is quite safe in your pocket.

4. Cycling

Cycling, a longer period of time, which can be of the quality of the impact of productivity and sperm. Several studies have cycling routines, suggesting that it was the way. From the office at the address, which does not affect the young, probably his opportunity

5. Working with the office

Working in a long time to spend in a chair, according to Venkat of which can be activated in order to reduce the risk of infertility. So think about it in order to keep it moving, it is important for people who work behind the bar. This is, to smooth the takeover, in order to ensure to keep him away from the reproductive organs, due to the elimination of hazardous substances.

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