golf practice routines can extend the age

Walking, especially in the morning, he proved to be good for health. The same course mode. The results of a study showing the amazing benefits of “Face” sport is.Those who play golf regularly, according to a study published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, can save 40 chronic diseases such as diabetes and breast cancer or colon cancer.

Launch Telegraph, over five thousand research team studies the test of the University of Edinburgh on the course and its relation to the benefits, both physically and mentally for all ages.One result of these tests is to play golf was able to increase life expectancy alias to extend the maximum length of five years.

Golf opinion well for those who are elderly, and help improve balance and muscle strength. The growing impact of capacity on the health of the cardiovascular system, respiratory and metabolism.Sport that catapulted the name of Tiger Woods may also help patients with chronic diseases, good heart, diabetes, colon and breast cancer, which reduces the risk of cancer anxiety, depression and dementia .

“Evidence suggests that golfers live longer than those who do not play golf, enjoy the refinement cholesterol level, body proportions, health, and self-satisfaction,” said researcher Andrew Murray.”Given this sport can be played by the young, which shows a variety of health benefits for all ages,” said Murray. “A study in Sweden found that regular golfers live five years more than non-golfers “

Murray added that there are only 55 million people worldwide who play golf and this figure must be added. According to Murray, golf can be played by four to 104 and more courses in small dimensions.”It must be removed from the golf point of view is a sport for the rich,” said Murray. He said, “As much as 78 percent of golf courses in the world available to the public, not only for its members . “

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