Hair Spray Cause Birth Defects Infant Male

Pregnant women have been warned not to use hair spray. There is new evidence that regard was no link between the chemicals contained in hair spray and the increasing number of male babies with birth defects. Many pediatricians also often mention if the use of hair sprays and shampoos, hair dyes may increase the risk of genital abnormalities in baby boys. Warning of the dangers of this comes after a study showed that pregnant women use hair cosmetics have a higher likelihood of having a baby boy with the condition commonly called hypospadias this. The theory says if the chemicals present in the hair cosmetic products interfere with male hormones and disrupt the development of male genitalia in the first three months of pregnancy. “This is the first study to demonstrate an association between exposure in early pregnancy with two hair cosmetic products and the incidence of hypospadias baby boy,” said the researchers in which the work is published in the International Journal of Environmental Research And Public Health.

That’s why pregnant women are also advised to be careful and limit the use of hair cosmetics. Effects of hypospadias is present in 1 in 250 men, often a nuisance when paired relationships and cause physical and emotional trauma of a lifetime. The affected part is called the hole urinary meatus appears at the bottom of the genitals. In fact, it should be at the end of the genitals. This condition is also associated with undescended testicles and fertility problems. There are about 1500 surgery to correct hypospadias annually. Experts reveal if the incident is growing and always double digit increase in each generation. Group doctor who runs this study mention exposure to chemicals that disrupt the endocrine fetus may adversely affect genital development during early pregnancy. Research at the University Hospital of Amiens in France involves a comparison of the use of hair cosmetics, chemicals and pesticides in 250 women who had given birth to a baby boy with and without hypospadias.

Not found an association between hypospadias and the use of chemicals such as paints, solvents, gasoline, inks, glues and other household products. However, the use of hair cosmetics found to increase the risk 80 percent higher. Supporters of this theory comes from previous studies where significantly no relation between pregnant women with hairspray and hypospadias risk. Other studies have also found that the addition of the risk of babies born with hypospadias at the hairdresser woman. Paul Anderson, a consultant urologist specializing in genito-urethral reconstructive surgery, said that if the cause of the condition is unknown but obviously hormone involved in the study and theory makes sense. “In the early stages of pregnancy, urethra flat but at a crucial point in its development, it becomes the channel. If the mix of hormones in the womb is not true, the development may not occur or be normal. “

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