Hospital beds in patients infected new risk

mild illness such as severe diarrhea cable infections in US hospitals for the death of 27,000 people, called Clostridium difficile in the colon (swelling) (or C diff) bacteria.

After a study of bacteria in a hospital bed or sleeping patients older patients who were treated with antibiotics, the opinion can spread. Antibiotics are commonly known to destroy healthy bacteria, the bacteria can readily penetrate C. diff.Research “antibiotics are affected in different patients infected with different C risk to a patient and administering local microenvironment of change.” These notes indicate that he was a researcher Archives of Internal Medicine.

antibiotics “inventory of your antibiotics,” can be. In other words, antibiotics can affect people “Other studies have shown that, in effect,” lead author Medical Center Columbia University in New York, said Dr. Daniel Freedberg.alternatively during the occupation years took Freedberg hospital beds and some others are tried in 2015 to more than 100,000 patients have doubled in 2010.

This number is less than 24 hours of sleep in the bed with an infected person or C. diff does not include residents.

Of these, more than 500 infected patients or C. diff, a very small percentage. They are residents of a second bedroom. These antibiotics with less than 22 percent were not infected patient then received in advance.”People can carry the organism without symptoms C.diff” Freedberg Reuters Health., Most likely microbiome patients start taking antibiotics spread C. diff and throw the sport in their intestines. “More sports bed, bedside tables, floors and other areas means,” he said.

“Come in B and C. Therefore, the difference is more likely that the development of sport in the next patient,” Freedberg said.”Because of a room or a bed just C.diff largely sterilized between patients with this. Killed sport, which should be soaked in enough time for the cleaning solution with bleach. Time”

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