Improve memory and vision with Blueberry Fruit

During this time, blueberries benefits are known only to prevent cancer and heart disease risk. Many people do not know that the fruit is also able to delay aging, improve memory and visual abilities.
Posted by side Boldsky the researchers wanted to know how far to see the public’s knowledge about the benefits to health of blueberries and little is known about the pieces in the various classes of society.

A study was conducted in 31 countries in the United States exported more than 2,000 people to show their knowledge blueberry.
Research has shown that most blueberries for the prevention of cancer and reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease is good. However, few recognize the benefits of blueberries to memory and eye health.

“The high level of knowledge of the dangers of cancer and cardiovascular disease makes people see it only as an antidote fruits of these two diseases,” said Qu Shuyang, a doctoral student in the field of agricultural education and communication at the University of Florida.

“The fact that cancer and cardiovascular diseases are the leading cause of death in the United States a lot of people were just know the properties of this fruit was limited to heart disease and cancer,” he said.The study also shows that the lower middle class population is not aware of the benefits of blueberries health away.

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