Including compulsory Purchase of seven events here before watermelon

If you like watermelon, especially menbeli this fruit is often great. However, there are certain facts that you should know before buying watermelons.
As you know, the melon is a fruit of the season that is found in many tropical countries such as Indonesia. The fruit is rich in water content and also various other nutrients. Watermelon also has many health benefits that can help the body stay healthy and active, especially when consumed daily.
However, like other fruits or vegetables, watermelon also has some negative effects, especially when consumed without knowing the facts is important. Here are seven of them, as quoted from the Boldsky side.

-Buy a watermelon that has a light yellow patch on the skin. This is because it shows that watermelons harvested too early and probably not yet mature enough.
Wassermelone -Buah nutritious when stored at room temperature in the refrigerator. Storage at room temperature, you can get all the advantages of the watermelon.

-Watermelons Has a lot of dust and bacteria on the skin that make fruits thoroughly before sliced and eaten crops.The main health benefits of watermelons can make your body hydrated at all times. This is because watermelons contain more than 70 percent of the liquid, making the fruits a perfect summer fruit.”You may not be able to make a fruit smoothie and watermelon juice without the need to add sugar at all.” Watermelon juice is very accurate healthy drink that can help you lose weight.

-This can be very useful in the prevention of heart disease, such as the cleansing of the arteries, which increase blood flow.
Health benefits water melons, cancer including the aid to prevent as the content of healthy antioxidants.

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