Indonesian society is potentially Carbohydrate Addiction

When “cud” while chatting or playing? If before you have eaten. The stomach is not hungry, but still want to continue chewing mouth. Quiet, you are not alone. But let this become a habit.If you leave that constantly make you have bad habits that can make the body gain weight more quickly.

This condition is recognized as other. Grace Judio-Kahl, Master, A Bari Artic the Physician. “Many people often things that happen in the boy diet, but there is a cure,” he said.”For example, if the dream sleep remedy, cure hunger eating, drinking cure for thirst, and others. However, some people give answers in their lives with food,” he said.

Later, it was caused by an addiction or food addiction. Worse, he said, Indonesia is very potential for people to addiction, particularly carbohydrates. E ‘was rejected because each dish was almost completely burnt contains starch and other carbohydrates.

“Some people did not feel they eat in Indonesia, if you do not eat the rice. In addition, many of them, for example, consider the noodles as a snack.”

Without the unconscious influence of carbohydrates “dangerous”. If the blood carbohydrates and transferred to the brain, the same effect of drugs. This is because refined carbohydrates causes the production of serotonin, which gives a sense of calm and pleasant. In addition to the production of dopamine, which gives the effect of habituation.

Grace addiction left of carbohydrate has also been proven through research. The study compared the brains of normal people, it is the brains of cocaine addiction and the brain of obese people.”Everyone has a substance dopamine in the brain. In normal people, just eat less food dopamine is released,” says Grace.

This condition is inversely proportional to the brains of people who have already hooked. The brains of people with cocaine addiction and obesity, dopamine, that will never be sufficient to meet.”When it comes to food, some materials will be borne by neurotransmitters. Substances that are received via receptors in the brain. If your food intake too much, to die receptors in the brain, causing dopamine does not work.”

Then, it will cause, to give the food constantly dopamine in the brain.Also, if you eat a protein and starch sugar is high, the carburetor binding only one amino acid,”Ultimately only sugar that is the brain, so people get used to sweet foods.””The sugar trend will not be alone, but is associated with a dependency fat and salt.”

Dangerous, carbohydrate cravings can create a series of health problems such as obesity, diabetes, heart.

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