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People experience pain. Sometimes a simple way that can be considered a bit ‘is easy to extend the joint bones in the hands, shoulders, neck or back.For some people chime when the ligaments are stretched to the “opium” of his own. So far, there are still differences in bone stretching is good for the body, or vice versa?

The launch of CNN, Dr. Robert Szabo, a hand surgeon at UC Davis Medial Center and former American Society for the high hand surgery, do research on the bones lengthen.He is not only in the study, but ditandem colleague Dr. Robert Boutin. Together they examine, in particular the fingers menggemeretakkan custom fit.

His study is quite simple, have collected the favorites to extend your fingers to respondents. Then Szabo Boutin and ask them to do ultrasonography (USG).In this way, the doctor can directly see what is happening in the joints of the fingers of the respondents when no harm.If you look at the fingers 400 respondents use ultrasound, the researchers found something extraordinary: so that the joints are tight, suddenly stood up like a lightning spark car.

Based on their observations: while you stretch your fingers, then you are at the same time separating two articular surfaces.Then Szabo and Boutin check the joints, before and after stretching. Compare two hands joints respondents liked and did not like to do. Compare the strength of opinions taken, and swollen hands.Obviously, the hypothesis that skeletal fingers stretching is not done, is wrong. No problem caused by elongation of the spine. Even the fact, once someone does this, it increases the useful space.

Unpublished studies were presented at the last meeting of December 2015 Radiological Society of North America.So, what causes the flow of the myth that stretch the joints of the bones has not been done?”All parents say that [fingers crossed] bad for you, but no one knows where it comes from,” said Greg Kawchuk doctor, a specialist at the University of Alberta.

Based on a study done last year, he said that parents Kawchuk reason to prohibit their children relaxes your fingers like this is simple: they can not bear to hear the rattling noise it creates.”It ‘s just my personal opinion,” he said. “But in my opinion, some people feel disturbed when they created a myth.”

However, parents will have their own nature. According to a study conducted in 1990, the joints are known can fold habits weaken the fingers of the hand is considered a strong grip. But Boutin and studying Szabo, has not been proven.Now, both Boutin and Szabo, believe in the future there will be other studies that may be even more specific.

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