Organic, we understand the understanding of natural foods

The doubt about it, organic foods are healthier than the exposure of non-organic food. This is especially for pregnant women and young children, is important.In addition to food without biological pesticide, it is also, although more expensive, which promises better taste and nutrition improvement. But for people who do not understand fully, however, the organic label is “false”.

“The food is grown without the use of chemical synthetic organic fertilizers, without being exposed to artificial radiation petisida or without any component of the genetic modification, classification, the spokesman of” Breen Nicky options, Huffington Post is he said that Australia, he said.

Organic foods, as required by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) through the National Organic Program, “organic cultural practices, biological, mechanical, I noticed on the balance sheet and the surface of the biological diversity of ‘ecosystem. “you needorganic food, milk, meat, poultry, milk and plant products, vegetables and fruits egg, are not intended to be limited to animal products. “They regulate growth does not include drugs, steroids, hormones, antibiotics,” said Nicky.

In addition, according to the Ministry of Agriculture, the site quoted human ability, the agricultural environment and organic farming should also be clean and bathed in sunshine. Quality is really the first disposal of construction waste, it was guard.The price of organic foods as part of the agriculture industry and livestock is expensive, of course, it was very natural. Nutritionist Zoe Bingley believes -Pullin. However, the benefits gained agreement. Primarily, of course, from the health point of view.

“Organic foods do not use pesticides,” Zoe told The Huffington Post in Australia said, “there is a high antioxidant power.” He suggested not to buy organic foods that were imported to the interests of the market and local organic farmers.Many nutritionists and media claims the product will buy organic foods labeled does not guarantee 100 percent organic. Organic foods do not use pesticides, it is also water containing the necessary chemicals.

Form of organic food is not perfect. Fruits and vegetables generally have a spot. Its size was not twins. Much larger, twin, is a contrast to the results of the test food that is spotless.Although not perfect, the natural organic food, the smell was typical. If it is tasty, it was not organic food. As long as your health is a priority, not to be confused with the choice of organic food.

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