Pound Fit, Cardio While ‘drumming’

His time was no longer a sport just to sweat. Sport is now also done for fun. After hip hop yoga and zumba now turn to a sport that combines the game of ‘instrument,’ pound fit. Pound fit is a combination of sport with style drumming. Citing Poundfit page, the pound is a sport hour cardio session first influenced by the spirit and the sweat while playing drums. “In Indonesia, the new fit pound August 2016. Originally known this sport come from America,” said windoe svelte, Pound Pro (coach fit pound) of Sana Studio to CNNIndonesia.com, some time ago. “The sport is growing in Indonesia initially many were curious as to use drum sticks. It looks better. In addition of the song was also songs that are trending.” In practice, including the type of cardio exercise that is done by using ‘drum stick.’ But the clubs is not the actual drum stick.

Stick pound fit only resembles a drum stick, but is made of a material harder and stronger. Drum sticks fit pound is called ribstick. Wulan Anindya, quid pro Sana Studio revealed that ribstick used as an extension of the hand. Ribstik considered will help bring people to exercise in a fun way. While doing pound fit, both svelte and Wulan said that this sport including full body workout. That is, this exercise will help train all parts of the body. This exercise performed for 45 minutes. In addition to a cardio workout, fit pound also claimed to be able to function to help you lose weight bada, “Surely there must be balanced with a meal. About 80 percent of the 20 percent of food and exercise.” Svelte adding there are four basic positions in the movement pounds this fit, ie standing, semi-squat, bending the knee, and sat down. In each movement pound fit is always combined with the movement of the hand holding the ribstick. This Ribstick pitted against each other and pounded into a yoga mat along with the rhythm of the music, and other body movements. This sport has a rapid rhythm of movement and demands high coordination between the body and the movement of ‘beating.’ “Because the hand movements should also be strong, so blow ribstick will also be very strong. You have to be careful not to hurt,” said Wulan. “Had no phone is broken due to hit ribstick blow.”

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