Practicing yoga together Manja herd of goats

Yoga favored by many people as a sport has no competition. His movements were somewhat comfortable, but it is useful for the heart and can reduce risk factors for vascular problems.Practicing yoga can be performed anywhere, either in the studio, bedrooms, terrace and gardens. As quoted from page to page Central Singularity, using a woman named Lainey Morse farmland to practice yoga.

No Regrets called land and farms in the Willamette Valley, Oregon, United States. Beautiful scenery, balmy weather. It is not surprising that many people are willing to go as far as 161 kilometers away to the benefits of practicing yoga here.Morse Although not a yogi or yoga. Previously, he worked as a photographer for ten years. Then in 2015, he decided to quit because kesehatannnya began to fall. So was the focus of the management of agricultural land.

Not surprisingly, the yoga positions are increasingly known to the public. Apart from the landscape and climate, not the camp I’m also popular as’ penghuni their “friendly and damaged. They are nothing but enjoy the goats for a walk among yoga practitioners.

A herd of goats go to any doctor, as if to caress the eye. Rarely she sat beside him. “Goats are very friendly and all drivers free of stress, and of course, will be happy,” Morse said in a personal website.When the grass is chewed, “he added,” They looked like he was meditating, and is very relaxing to the eye and is perfectly combined with yoga. “

Many yoga classes in times of calls this goat. Light, while it may attract the attention of many people. Within a month, Morse held two sessions of yoga. Especially this month will be held a training session on 10th and 24th September.These unique yoga exercises are recorded by one of the participants. Watch the video was uploaded to YouTube channel Morse goats Number ride. Rarely, some yoga practitioners pet goats.Morse wrote impression on his website: “I think this is very special, but I realize this will sound crazy, but, of course, is fine..”

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