Prevent Early Death, Japan Bans Citizens Hard Work

The Japanese government announced new regulations to limit overtime hours employees can do. It is intended that the Japanese people do not work too hard, causing premature death. Because the Japanese labor fifth of dying at a young age as a result of working too hard. The phenomenon known as ‘karoshi’ in the State Sakura. Independent launch, according to the government survey, on average, residents of Japan to add overtime hours up to 80 hours per month. Impact, many employees are stress and depression and committed suicide. One well-known case is the employees of an advertising agency, which adds hours of overtime work up to 100 hours in a month, before ending his life. The case has become a slog for the work culture of Japan. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said it is now in talks to determine the limit of additional hours that can be done employee. The new rules will be announced in February.

In addition, the Japanese government also set a new scheme called ‘Premium Friday’, where employees could go home early on the last Friday of each month. Some companies, including Japan Post Insurance, always turn off the lights after 8 pm, in order to encourage employees home early. However, the scheme is still considered insufficient to encourage citizens to have a balanced pattern between social life and work. On the other hand, changing the working culture of Japan will be a long struggle. Reported by Fortune magazine, the Society of Japanese entrepreneurs, fighting for fewer working hours for employees, only has 1300 member companies, of the 2.5 million companies registered in all of Japan. Not only that, companies in Japan are also accustomed to impose extra long working hours for its employees. One is Mitsubishi, which some time ago accused the Ministry of Labour, forcing employees to work late into the night. Previously, the last in December 2015, the President of Ad Agency Dentsu, Tadashi Ishii, to surrender his post, after one of its employees, Matsuri Takahashi (24), was found dead as a result of working too hard. Takahashi joined Dentsu in April 2015, but the working hours continue to grow until he was forced to work overtime. Since October, Takahashi often came home at 5 am, in order to complete the job.

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