Quick Way Day 3 Thousand Steps Healthy Body Make

For most people before to reach the goal of 10,000, one day is not easy. And no longer worry about how many steps are achieved.However, a study found that the number of stages within the same advantages as faster.Oregon State University study found that three thousand steps can be done quickly enough to have benefits for daily health.

“Some physical activity is better than nothing, and usually, if you do more would be better instead of a deficit,” said Assistant Professor of Motion Sciences at the Oregon State University College of Public Health and Humanities Schüna John Jr. , As reported in the official website of the campus.

“If it is done in the form of steps, more is better than less, and the steps to the faster pace in time proved to be beneficial,” said Schüna of the research.Schüna and the team examined 3388 data from participants of 20 years or more from the years Examination Survey National Health and Nutrition. The results are published in the journal Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, which recently published.

They investigated data measurements per minute, and the relationship between physical activity in the form of step with cardiometabolic risk factor for the participants. Factors Certain risk factors, blood pressure, fasting glucose, insulin, cholesterol and body mass index.In the study, the majority of participants will not be able to reach the goal of 10,000 steps a day. The average US-5000-7000 between the steps reached.

Although all people reach the target, but the results of the analysis showed no correlation between the intensity of the rhythm of the road with cardiovascular risk factors.Those who run faster have an advantage in terms of health and cardiometabolic turn slow or less movement.

The results of this study, the researchers found out when a person can walk 3 miles with the fast pace, then it does not benefit the body’s health, especially cardiovascular metabolism.

“The goal for healthy adults is good, is 150 minutes per week with 100 steps per minute or more. In this sense, more or less, it is best to assume that you” do not want to move for a reason, “said Schüna

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