Reasons, not wearing wet bathing suits

The weekend is in sight. It’s time to spend time while the water to play on the beach or by the pool. For those who want to enjoy the underwater paradise can snorkel or dive to choose.

For some women, those things need to be prepared for a holiday not only to select the destination and travel companion. Those who want attractive to look at, even during the holidays, is also preparing a swimsuit or a combination of the latest models.But fashion is not enough, because there are other things that the body of the woman in the pool before you become a dive or sea into account, and went to the hot sun to relax, benefit.

Another thing to note is that the ban does not depend wearing a wet bathing suit. The bacteria of the reason is related above water in a bathing suit, can easily into the body as the wet swimsuit attached in a long time left to the body.”Contain substances, micro-organisms and bacteria grow quickly in moist, dark, like a swimsuit or gym clothes wet,” says Alissa Dweck, deputy head of the clinic and OB / GYN at Mount Sinai School of Medicine, the Huffington Post.”So if you’re afraid, are bacteria, infected, we recommend that you change your wet clothing and replace with dry immediately.”

Here are some reasons why you no longer want to continue wearing a wet suit.

1. attractions for bacteria

Within a wet bathing suit is wet and warm. Therefore easily develop bacteria.When in the water, bathing suits are usually absorb a variety of chemicals and bacteria in the pool or sea. If you’re out of the water, then the private part of the body safely susceptible bacteria.At the time of the meeting, the healthy bacteria are threatened by the invasion of bacteria from the water in the genital area of women.Mark is exposed to bacteria, can be determined by itching, swelling or appear gray in color and the taste is not pleasant to the penis.

2. Encourage means that infectious microorganisms

Because yeast can grow in hot and humid wet suit, life Nest bacterial infection trigger.may cause injury or pus in contact with wet bathing suits the growth of yeast cells in the vagina or vulva teaching hospitals.

3. cause itching and rashes

Linger with wet bathing suit can become infected and lead to itching of the genital area. “Its caused by a fungus A fungal infection in the vagina,” Dweck says.

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