Reasons that women should not swim while HAID

And ‘the feeling a lot of anxiety when women menstruate. especially when “guests” every month made “uncomfortable for swimming.If, in fact, do not worry. While the woman’s vagina, closing itself, so that menstrual blood does not come out in the water.

“In swimming, the blood [menstrual] has not come, because the collapse of the vagina is covered outside the vagina, so that the pressure is greater than the inside.”The collapse of the vagina as a form of protection or natural fortress of the properties of vaginal bacteria or foreign objects.

However, this does not mean that the blood does not come out, so it is allowed to float.Menstruating women should not receive water activities such as swimming, vaginal health.These less likely to change during the menstrual period the pH of the vagina, which can lead to the proliferation of bacteria.

Therefore, it is best to take a bath first stop, and then when [menstruation] ready to swim again,it is possible, if the menstrual blood in the water. For example, too large amount of blood in the vagina and the pressure above.But do not worry. If menstrual blood is gone, you should feel safe to swim.

Because if menstruation is almost complete, in the uterus, which is already clean usually a delay of blood “and no blood in the effluent as spots. And ‘well if you want to swim,
So much as possible to clean, even without Baden

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