Recommends beans and premature eggs reduce the risk of allergies

Some people often have allergies to certain foods, including infant. If the allergy is attacked, the reaction is generally removed from the body pruritus. The reaction is what often makes the confused mothers.

A recent study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), it was found that there are two foods that can reduce the risk of allergies in children. Peanuts and eggs are the answer. According to researchers, the introduction of eggs for children aged four to six months and nuts to children aged from four to 11 months, can reduce the risk of allergies.

Amena Warner, head of clinical services Allergy UK said that research conducted in 4-6 months children were suffering from atopic diseases, such as severe eczema or allergic to eggs. The researchers then evaluated and urged the parents to introduce peanuts into the first years of a child’s life.”At present, health care providers should recommend products as smooth peanut kcang. Not fruits give whole nuts to children under five,” Warner said.

“In the beginning of the life of the child (between 4-11 months) in some countries, including the United Kingdom, it is natural to their allergy to peanuts.”He said that action the large number of peanut allergies in children in some countries because parents often ask the release of children in peanuts. In fact, in fact, carries the risk of peanut allergy.

Referring to the Independent Page, Warner also said that food allergies are common in children allergic to peanuts, sesame seeds, dairy, soy, eggs, nuts, wheat, fish and shellfish.

Today allergy was widespread and growing in the world and the West. Annual allergy sufferers in the UK continues to rise to five percent, and half that number of children. According to Allergy UK, since 1990, there was an increase of 500 percent hospitalized due to allergies.Of these, the UK has been named as one of the top three countries in the world that has the largest number of allergic patients.

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