Secrets of Body Fit Sexy wing Robbie

Robbie right end of the hottest actresses in Hollywood today. But for Australians, hometown, the name has since been in contact with him.It is not only sexy, but also the body is fresh, healthy and fit, so Margot become a source of inspiration for many people. In an interview with American Vogue, said body and soul, in recent times, the secret of a balanced life, reveals.Here are five ways to have a healthy sexy body style Robbie:

Active in the area

Growing up in Queensland, Margot lived close to nature. “[Here] you always jump off cliffs and ride a motorcycle,” said Robbie about his childhood. Not surprisingly, he has his own stunts (Stunt) in the film.You can also feel the Margot lifestyle for some time over the weekend to try to go walking or camping in the woods to try or kayak. Both activities, both physical and mental clarity training.


Margot admitted that he “gang” had since his youth Windsurfers Associated with. Dancing with surfboards in the sea wave, the wound was his favorite. Surf is well trained muscles of the body.become when diving paddle boards in the upper body muscles contributes more to the sea. Then, while sliding on the plate, turn the lower body muscles become stronger. To ensure the good condition of the cardiovascular system through regular exercise.

Maintaining a healthy skin

It also maintain a healthy lifestyle means to care for skin health. Margot recognized, better skin condition, if no longer live in Australia. “Stay here [London] is great too hot for my skin. Sunlight in Australia.”The protection must be applied to the skin. Daily use later to avoid a lotion with SPF additional wrinkles and black spots on the face. customizable weather, especially in Australia.

practicing Pilates

Recognized as Margot, Pilates exercises “murmer.” Management is very simple: you can only do your Pilates at home spread with mats and follow the teacher via video circulating on the Internet.Fans can see for themselves how the routine of Pilates exercises are performed Margot capacity a hollow body, as shown, for example, in the film The Wolf of Wall Street “cut” and the Suicide Squad. Sexy muscular body, but not male.

Eat healthy foods

He intends to Los Angeles (LA), United States, look to the future Margot movement, although, in fact, admitted that he is more than happy atmosphere in London, England. The reason is: “It’s easy to eat healthy and be healthy in Los Angeles.”Prepare healthy soups and vegetables from the night before, so the next day the intake of nutritious food for breakfast, the body. motivated with the “ammunition” healthy in the morning, the body healthy and the day of the event.

It turns tricks fit and healthy a la Margot easy. It’s enough to take the time to get closer to nature, to get the Pilates maintaining healthy skin and eat nutritious food. If this trick works for Robbie obviously it worked for many people.

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