Sex Work Could Boost Performance

Researchers from Oregon State University found that a healthy sex life can improve employee satisfaction at work. Reporting from the official website of Oregon State University, Keith Leavitt, one of the professors at this university, conducted a study about work and sexual behavior of employees. Data collected from this study to prioritize their sex at home unwittingly give the profit while working. The effect of these people tend to submerge yourself and enjoy the work. “Earlier it was only a joke, but eventually became a reality. People who take priority as it was really enjoys life and looks confident and happy. That’s why we became more do that research,” said Leavitt. He added that a healthy relationship patterns including a healthy sex life helps employees happy and committed to his work. This reality clearly benefit employees and the workplace. The findings in this study published in the Journal of Management. The researchers, Christopher Barnes and Trevor Watkins of the University of Washington and David Wegner of the University of Oregon tried to understand the impact of sex on the job by doing research on 159 married employees.

During the two weeks of the study, they were asked to complete the survey data every day. The researchers found those who regularly have sex to have more positive feelings later on. These positive feelings rising in the morning leading to the satisfaction of a full day’s work. “It reminds us that sex has benefits socially, emotionally and psychologically. It is important priority. That is why always a time,” said Leavitt. Sex hormone triggers the release of dopamine, a hormone that raises a sense of comfort and pleasure. This is, according to Leavitt, which makes sex as a natural mood enhancer and provide other benefits in the future. In addition, the study also shows bring jobs home to have a negative effect on your sex life. Inevitably the era of smart phones allows people to respond to matters related to employment through the phone. However, Leavitt said it is important for a person to leave his job at the office. “Ensuring a good sex life should be a concern for the improvement of the quality of life! After all, the benefits are also obtained in a career as well,” said Leavitt.

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