Sufism Yoga, Silence healthy soul Raga

Everyone wants a better person. But often the arrival of the types of selfish “disease” hati, greedy, envious, arrogant show unstoppable.According Pujiastuti Sindhu, yoga practitioners Bandung, West Java, a liver disease can be cleared by Sufism Yoga. CNN is transmitted Indonesia in Bali, for some time.

“The heart is a sacred place that is human, the manifestation of goodness of character,” said the yogi. “If your heart is dirty, then God can not, because to get to the troubled mind.”Sufism Yoga, adopted by yogis practicing yoga for 20 years, was able to maintain its relaxed and open body liver disease. In other words, it is not easy to provoke emotions.

“When the body is relaxed and comfortable, so the mind is free of stress, and all the feelings [triggered] also continues,” said the woman complexion.When the body and emotions under control of a person, according Pujiastuti, it is easier for him to reach the heart and bring good luck. For example, an attitude of forgiveness or help.

On the other hand, when the body and definitely heard messy emotions because your mind is to regulate their emotions and can not. “If the sick soul as we can centrally serious?”So one way to do this is to train the body with yoga Sufism. Besides making body, it also makes a good easy access. This is an extraordinary science.

Yoga Sufism itself, Pujiastuti the agreement, is yoga, which combines the concept of mysticism or Sufism. Teaching focuses on the purification of the heart, banishing any liver disease.If yoga Sufism air, the body is quiet, when the are easily accessible. By practicing yoga personality of one person regularly would Sufism, safe Pujiastuti better.

The yogi does not deny that many people doubted Yoga Sufism. Some even say that yoga should not be done, because it invites people to empty the mind.Sufism movement like yoga hatha yoga, but along the yogi philosophy Pujiastuti wing Sindhu, “sink your mind so that your mind is in your empty heart, and his heart is full.””It is not fair,” he said. “Yoga takes the mind emptying, but the spirit. With a calm mind, you can easily focus and solemnly centrally. That’s the key.”

Pujiastuti not flinch when a large number of people also consider haram Yoga. “Can ya, if the limit is not known,” said Yogi. “So for Muslims, not too far, not to be paranoid.”Sufism movement of yoga is no different from hatha yoga: more stretching or stretching of the heart, in the bloodstream. Movement alias ‘make way’ for the mind.

As Pujiastuti Muslims recognize any practice of Sufism Yoga solemn prayer. “But it is not yoga is praying, yes,” he said. “Sufism Yoga silence is serious one knowledge.”Pujiastuti own daily Sufism teaches yoga in a studio in Bandung. Often, it was also a yogi in various media events yoga, a wide Festival Bali Spirit Festival and Namaste.

Some of his students were ready to go, when Sufism Pujiastuti perform yoga classes. A Adela, Surabaya, citizens often say, follow this along class.”The movement of Sufism Yoga so magical,” said Adela CNN in Bali for some time he said. “Through yoga, eyes closed, but still conscious, aware.”Pujiastuti recognized, the practice of Sufism Yoga does wonders. And this despite his philosophy: “sink your mind so that your mind is emptiness in his heart, and his heart will be filled.”

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