Take videos for the dental hygiene advantage

His views on the development, be it through photos or video, you do not always have a negative impact. Even if there is a recent study, for example, is good for the teeth of health, while brushing his teeth, someone found a result of the take video itself.

Quoted from India Times, who recently published a study in the Indian Journal of Dental Research, someone had taken the video he had closed, the more profit in brushing.Mainly these measures, the dental health, and how the understanding of brushing the teeth to help eight percent.

In the “health sector, instead of making their own through the video and photos that are more widespread, at least,” says Lance T. Vernon, researcher of dental medicine from Case Western Reserve University.”We can be used to confirm the progress of the disease, and is done to the effectiveness of the treatment,” he added. “This is, we call a mobile health or mHealth, is a new era of data collection.”

Could be activities that they have carried out the video action taken, even if you brush your teeth, called positive habit further recognition through. Indirectly, this activity has forced them to change for the better.Before this study, each participant brushing the teeth on the basis of the previous behavior, will be set up using the appropriate technology to run all.

During the study and based on the time evaluated, the participants spent to improve their teeth skills.Another step, the researchers also include the patient’s behavior a videobased monitoring application that will clean your teeth at home, the review can include the health of the teeth of experts in the field below.

“Our study, in the future, self-help video help doctors to take measures to save the time to figure out how to rub the teeth of the patient, it is possible to evaluate,” Vernon said.

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