There eggs have three benefits “strange”

The eggs are one of the foods that are rich when consumed nutrients that are good for the body for the healing of the outer part of the body, such as skin and hair, or use. However, good eggs hear not only the body but also lain.Apa objects alone? Here’s how Mashed quoted from page.

oil paintings and contemporary art went hand in hand for years. Oil painting was made during the Renaissance, or around 1500 and widely used by the artists. However, many years later, the oil began to be replaced by the presence of telur.Telur a pigment, a little water and egg yolk. While the egg color is applied by the material, the resulting image is more stable. Even one of the old paint on the basis of egg-based paint is still up till now .to eggs as a mixture of colors, mixed with the desired dye the egg yolk. Make a paste with the aid of a little “water. The yellow color of the eggs disappear and the color is ready for use.

Scarpa is an element that must be present in the home. However, many now prefer to throw the shoes displayed instead provide it looks new.
want to take if you care to be taken to your shoes, especially leather, you can use an egg to care for him. Instead of separating the proteins to pass the yolk, use sponges protein in their shoes. Apply egg whites until exhaustion. The egg is odorless, so no need to worry

The overrun of the radiator leak
Perhaps this was not unusual. If your car suddenly died in the street, choose from many solutions, the call of lead in the shop or the service wagons. However, in a simple manner may also telur.Cukup breaking eggs and pour the protein carried out in the cooler. If you do well, you still have a supply of water in the radiator. When the water is heated in the radiator, then they entered “termasak” protein, so that the clear egg loses the lid cooler.

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