Three reasons to question people to stop eating

For most people, the food business is done only when only hunger. But others believe otherwise, you always want to have again and again.The desire to eat as they do not stop that deceived many ways, from diet to follow certain patterns to minimize the size of the container to eat to control the amount of consumption.

Here are some reasons that make a person feel hungry constantly hard to stop eating:


One of the first things that cause cravings become uncontrollable due to dehydration of the body, according to Daily Meal.lack of fluid can cause the body to feel more tired than usual. These conditions cause the body to “ask” calories to make a difference felt tired body. This is something that stimulates the feeling of wanting to eat.”This condition occurs in the hypothalamus, or the part of the brain that regulates the feeling of wanting to eat or drink. When feeling dehydration, this sensation as it passes through the hypothalamus can be interpreted to make French fries instead of mineral water, “says Alyssa Ramsey, of the American Academy of Nutrition and dietetics.

hormonal imbalance

When tested in rats, which was released in the journal Cell Reports found that when the glucagon-1 (GLP-1) hormone peptide is reduced in the central nervous system of rats generally consume excess and high fat.On the other hand, when the content of this hormone increases rats tend to eat less and less interested in fatty foods. Researchers believe that taxonomy is similar in the case of addiction to drugs and alcohol.In Zhiping, assistant professor of Rutgers University says that overeating or food addiction, can be classified as neuro-psychiatric diseases.According to the daily food, to understand the role of the nervous system in the consumption structure of GLP-1, Pang said it is likely to provide a more specific therapy and minimal side effects.

The body of the request

A study by Princeton University found that when people eat sugar, sugar stimulates the release of these compounds with opioid and dopamine are equally dangerous addictive.Status of food addiction is associated with chemical changes in the brain that are similar to when a person is addicted to drugs. This confirms the view that sugar consumption makes people addicted.

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