Watch out for the salt intake in children

Salt is a favorite of many people, especially children. Dicecap salty taste by MSG, this will cause the light continue to eat these products.In fact, children can become addicted to these products. While the worst effects of children are obese.

According to one of Bariatric Physicians, Dr. Grace Judio-Kahl, Master, the child should not consume too many foods that glutamate or other perasaƂ monosodium under the age of five years.”In addition, children learn in children who continue to be solids. Let recognize the taste,” he said. Said Grace Children, food flavorings number could be thousands. “Every food has its own flavor,” he said.

MSG or salt can easily lure appetite of the child, in fact. So Cal suggested that parents not a “mask” the food that is given to indicate the child.”For example, extra salt or extra sugar does not give, because nothing the taste of food that can beat natural,” he said.Kal explained later, when the child grows up, should be left to the products that follow the other consumed in your home.

However, these products must be weighed. Parents should not let the dishes were only in one sentence inclined. It is believed that causing the child to evaluate other flavors.

Such as salt, sugar consumption should not be too much. However, children should not consume genetically modified foods is prohibited. “Because they are. Extremely high curiosity. You definitely want to try things out”However, the hit the grace that parents are eating grass in two parts. Both were eating at any time and sometimes food.

He explained that the food was placed at any time eating rice, side dishes, fruit and vegetables. Although the food sometimes small edible sweets, cakes and other sweet foods. “He should be smart, handsome old man,” Cal said.

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