Way to More low-carbohydrate low-fat diet diets

If you want to reduce body fat? The results of research in the United States, lower fat based on the food to restrict carbohydrate, at least initially.To test the effect of direct reduction of fats and carbohydrates, scientists in the hospital twice, including adult obesity. The researchers found that about thirty percent of your calorie intake, and give them the same daily exercises.

Upon arrival, participants in carbohydrates, low in calories, low in fat, low in calories and the same amount of participants was cut by the next arrival.The study found that, during the six day test block fat calories carbohydrate, 53 grams per day (1.9 ounces), compared with a loss of more fat, 89 grams per day (3.1 ounces) leads to how much fat loss.

“The data and models of our findings, fat and cut calories that the body does not matter,” said Kevin Hall, a researcher at the National Institutes of Health, a Reuters report.

“The body (carbohydrates during cutting) can lead to a significant imbalance between the fat burning the same amount of fat burning to continue”.

Hall and his colleagues decided to test more people trust, diets low in carbohydrates. Rice, pasta, white bread and sugary foods to limit the body’s ability to accumulate in the fat of the hormone insulin, foods low on edge.Little insulin, the body can burn stored fat for energy and weight loss.

Start with ten and nine women in the experiment to build a basic plan that limits calories through reduced carbohydrate and fat, including the five days leading up twice in two weeks hospital.

In addition to feeding trials, all participants and tilt preset speed of the treadmill to practice an hour a day.From these results, cutting carbohydrate reduced insulin production. However, there is a power, a process called oxidation, which serves as fat stored in fat loss process

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