When the twisted testicles can trop ‘active’

Testes part of the male reproductive organs responsible for sperm production, creating easy movement to protect the environment.However, in some cases, ” testicles can cause severe pain stimulation: bending. The case of testicular torsion is called testicular torsion.

In medicine, testicular torsion or testikulus terpelintirnya spermatikus associated with testicular networks, causing inhibition of blood flow to and from the testicles.This incident suffered by one of the four thousand men under 25 years, and suffered most young men from 12 to 20 years.

“Testicles that create easy movement for optimum control of the temperature of the testicles environmental conditions,” said Sigit Solichin, a urologist with a discussion about male infertility at the hospital in Bunda, Menteng, Jakarta, recently.”However, in some children, the movement of the testicles is very mobile. It can cause the testicles are” hooked. “In fact, he may regress spontaneously, but most do not come naturally,” he said.

Network in which the testicles hang can cause serious, from blocking blood flow. Pooled blood in the testicles can cause decreased sperm production, testicles to lack of oxygen and die.

According to Sigit exposure, this case will cause the testicles swell and cause intense pain. Because I felt bloated, he said Sigit to treat more than eight hours before something bad happens.”If the eggs are dying, should be lifted. Most patients believe that lifting the testicles may lower sperm. Although it can happen may be more serious,” Sigit said.

When the matrix of testicular tissue in the body, antibodies considers the network as a foreign object. The answer is causing the antibodies attack the testicles die.However, antibodies can not differentiate testicular die in one operation. Thus, antibodies can attack both testicles, the dead and the living, allowing patients lost both testicles.

Although it occurs most often in children ranging from infants to teenagers, but there is no harm for adult men to pay more attention to the health of the testicles.In fact, some states of testicular pain as the turn of events, such as chronic inflammation, hernia, testicular tumor infection

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