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Yoga is a form of physical activity that was big enough. The practice of yoga we know today and, in general, is a form of physical activity that includes meditation, breath control, physical exercises and postures. These aspects are the focus of exercise through yoga is an exercise in muscle strength and flexibility, instead of aerobic exercise. This is the uniqueness or yoga difference as a form of exercise than other forms of exercise. While swimming sports or jogging, or aerobic endurance trained cardiovascular endurance aspects is very dominant. While in yoga, which is becoming an important aspect, not cardiorespiratory endurance, but the strength, muscular endurance, flexibility and agility. This does not mean that aspects of pulmonary heart or aerobic resistance that are not educated, but the share of the benefits will be greater for the look more dominan.Yoga actually has many species, some of which are very popular Ashtanga, Hatha, Iyengar and Bikram yoga. Although each type has a certain degree of specificity, but in general, have access to more or less the same. In general, you can divide the benefits of yoga benefits of exercise on physiological benefits or psychological or physical and mental.

1. The physiological performance
<The flexibility of the body (bone and muscle) increases
<Improve your posture
<Resistance and increased muscle strength
<Capacity and increases the effectiveness of the airways
<Increases agility and dexterity
<Greater coordination graphics engine
<Balance increases the body
<Security or increase the body’s immunity

2. The psychological benefits
<Concentration increases capacity
<Increased memory
<The risk of depression and anxiety decreased
<Warning rises
<Positive perception increase subjectively

In addition to the above advantages, yoga also low to moderate intensity. This makes yoga is a good choice for almost all sectors of the population, such as pregnant women and people with high-intensity risk such as those with hypertension and heart disease. Why are so many benefits that can be gained through yoga, no harm to you like to start this sport.

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